Don't fall for bogus claims by conservatives

February 17, 2014 

The following bogus accusations made against President Obama in a recent letter by Terry Hunt sound like they came straight from Fox News.

"Obama is ruining the best health care anywhere." Our health care is the most expensive in the world but ranks 37th, between Costa Rica and Slovenia. It's the best only for the wealthy.

"Obama is loading the country with immigrants."Obama has presided over a much lower influx of illegal immigrants and his deportations are at a record high level.

"Obama is leading our country into bankruptcy." The Dow is now twice as high as when he took over. George W. Bush gave us the second worst economic disaster of the past century and wrecked the world economy. Since his job-creating tax cuts, 42,400 U.S. factories have closed and moved overseas along with 5.5 million jobs while receiving GOP- protected tax cuts for doing so. Bush's tax cuts, wars and economic disaster continue to be the biggest drivers of our national debt.

"Obama is lavishing himself and his family with vacations and trips at taxpayer expense." A simple, honest research on a computer will show that the previous president set and holds all records for trips and vacations.

When you see or hear ignorant accusations like those above, don't be a Fox News fool. Do your own research for the truth.

Gene Robke


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