Little choice in politics

February 17, 2014 

Our politicians are responsible for our jobs going across the border and overseas for cheap labor. Then they want to cut unemployment benefits for the ones they forced out of a job?

So many of our children attend school and the only meal they get is at the school. What does our government do? Cut food stamps.

The first lady wants healthier foods for our children. Yet politicians approve more genetically modified food?

They tell us it's not environment friendly to build an oil pipeline but approve fracking?

Realistically, we have one political party with two factions, like one building that has Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Many people are not realizing we are useful only in electing the politicians.

Believe me, no matter how bad a law is, or a federal program that doesn't work or tax increases or use of drones or anything else, it will never be repealed by the next congressional majority. Why?

Because that's how the politicians want it.

Bob Anderson


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