Still not sold on jail tax

February 17, 2014 

What do love, greed and fear have to do with the proposed sales tax increase? Most salespeople know that these are the emotions that motivate people to buy.

St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson has begun to sell county residents on the 0.25 percent increase in the county's sales tax. Democrats love taxes, they love to give your taxes to felons leaving the jail; it must be an exit bonus. Isn't the timing of these revelations lovely, just weeks before the crucial vote? Felons love the St. Clair County Jail, it's a good place to winter. Jail in the county is obviously not a crime deterrent, you've got love that.

You must be greedy to want to hang onto your hard-earned money; after all, it's only 0.25 percent, that's just 25 cents for every $100 you spend in the county. But don't worry, it has a sunset clause. If you are age 40, it will end by the time you are 65.

Fear, now this is the real deal. Using TV news to scare people will convince most of the dumbed-down audiences that they should support letting county Democrats pick their pockets yet again. After all, it's on TV so it must be so.

The print media will run countless stories explaining how dire the situation is. Fear of retaliation has already silenced local businessmen and businesswomen who should be vocal against any additional sales tax.

St. Clair County voters, tell the Cook -- I mean St. Clair -- County Board and Sheriff Watson: No sale.

William H. Bremen Sr.


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