Letter misinterpreted

February 18, 2014 

I believe, reluctantly, that I must reply to the ravings of letter writer Roddy Riggs in your Saturday edition. He states that in a previous letter of mine I was "outraged" because of his false and inaccurate statements.

I do not accept that anything I wrote evidenced outrage, but it did suggest I was a bit surprised at the lack of accuracy in his statements. Riggs is emulating his apparent idol, Sen. Joe McCarthy, in that he flings around wild accusations that have little or no basis in fact but they do appeal to the worries and fears of many of our citizens.

Riggs says that because there is no evidence to back up his claim that "the U.S. Army and State Department were rife with communists," it does not mean it was not so.

The charge that the U.S. Army and State Department were "rife" with communists is also not supported by the facts. Riggs then attempts to support his theory with references to sources that are questionable and not generally accepted by recognized scholars in the subject.

He then goes on to charge the dedicated American liberals Harry Hopkins and Henry Wallace with being "avowed communists or at best communist sympathizers," again, a la Senator McCarthy style. Riggs then charges me with being "opinionated" rather than "informed." If that is not the pot calling the kettle black, I do not know what is.

Lee R. Pitzer


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