So who won the election?

February 18, 2014 

Holy hanging chads. Can you believe that the outcome of the April 2013 Caseyville mayoral race is still under dispute?

Al Gore took 36 days to exhaust his legal options and concede to George Bush in the 1990 presidential election. It seemed forever at the time. In the Caseyville case it could be more than 360 days before the courts rule on former mayor George Chance's challenge. Chance lost to Leonard Black by four votes; Chance is questioning 33 votes or non-votes.

The Gore-Bush dispute was back in the day of paper ballots and hanging chads, those little pieces of paper that didn't always get punched out completely. The switch to electronic ballots was supposed to solve recount problems, yet here we are more than 10 months later.

It's ridiculous the courts have let this drag on so long. At this rate, Black's term is going to be over before the last election outcome is decided. It's time to wrap it up one way or the other and move on.

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