Give widow a break

February 18, 2014 

Angie Hutchison lost her 9-year-old son Zachary and her husband Scott to an alleged drunken driver. She and her son Jacob survived with serious injuries, including shattered bones, punctured lung, ruptured spleen and concussion.

The following day two police officers who had been at the scene visited her in the hospital. They reported there was enough evidence showing cause for action against the driver including two counts of reckless homicide, DUI and illegal lane usage.

On her husband's birthday she received a phone call from the one of the officers saying charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. How can this be? It was like saying Zachary and Scott didn't matter.

The BND ran a story on this sad situation with no regard for facts, raising some ire with those who defend those who served the alcohol. Let the uninformed express their opinions but first Google: Dram Shop insurance. Bars that serve alcohol assume responsibility for their patrons.

All Angie Hutchison wants is justice. Her family is forever changed and is now being insulted by insensitive statements like: Scott should have gotten out of the way. Yes, she has a lawyer to do what she can. She doesn't have Zachary or Scott.

Give her a break, will ya?

Personally, I hope there will be a criminal conviction and the drunken driver will be hit with a civil suit for wrongful death.

Kelli Schlich


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