Blame the Democrats

February 19, 2014 

A few simple and accurate observations regarding Illinois, its government and its problems.

* Democrats have ruled over, plundered, manipulated and nepotized (my word) the metro-east, Chicago and much of Illinois since the time when dinosaurs first roamed the earth. So who can they blame the state's problems on?

* What are the two primary reasons Illinois is in so much debt? Answer: Government employee unions (including teachers) and Democrats.

* What's the easiest way to look up a government employee and his relatives all at one location in the metro-east and Chicago? Answer: Find them at the state and local government offices.

* Great Democratic solutions for solving the problem of being ranked last out of 50 states for jobs, economy and new business development. They are: Gay marriage legislation, tax your sodas some more, hire more relatives for government jobs, and provide pensions for part-time elected officials. Now we're talking progressive ideas. Woo hoo.

Brent Rains


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