Important to protect power supply

February 19, 2014 

I recently heard a news report on an attack on a power station in San Jose, Calif., last April. Where was the media? The attack included sniper fire for several minutes. This and power outages due to the severe storms across the nation to me is more newsworthy, than the shocking investigation and the finding of a broken BB gun at a student's home.

I have written about this before. With the inconveniences of no heat, lights or refrigeration and other hardships imposed on our people and businesses, why don't we correct this? The power grid needs alternative sources and battery backup. The distribution system could be greatly improved by placing electric power lines underground and in the streets. Working at ground level in the streets provides easier and quicker access to the system and is much safer for installation and maintenance crews, in cold, windy weather.

Easements along property lines make access more difficult and costly and limits the use of land that property owners are taxed on. Property is subject to damage during replacement or maintenance with no reimbursement to property owners. Insurance would be less when working at ground level in streets.

Initial cost would be higher than going through thin air, but it would mean safety, speed, reduced property damage, easier access and above all, easier protection of the system from attack from terrorists and other evildoers.

This is one item of our nation's vulnerable infrastructure. Beware of the United Nations and China. I do not want another Pearl Harbor.

Lew Hiatt


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