Setting up for criminals

February 19, 2014 

Black males are disproportionately incarcerated in prisons, often for aggravated violence. Much of the violence perpetrated by black males may be attributed to the abuse and neglect they endured as children. Individuals who are abused and neglected as children frequently grow up to be violent, abusive adults. Extremely vicious child abuse and appalling cases of neglect are epidemic.

In certain ethnic groups it is common for unmarried girls to have babies for the purpose of obtaining welfare benefits. Promiscuous procreation is encouraged by the welfare industry, which was created by misguided liberals in government.

When a single girl has a baby, she is immediately entitled to very generous government welfare benefits. Some of the welfare entitlements include: food stamps, government-subsidized housing, money, medical care, free meals for her children and child income tax credits. Her welfare benefits increase with each additional illegitimate baby.

Single women seeking government welfare for having illegitimate babies are not required to provide any proof of parental fitness. Unmarried women can use Illinois courts to collect money from different men for illegitimate babies with no required judicial determination of their parental fitness or any drug testing.

Judges should be required to make some effort to protect infants and not act only as collection agents for wanton promiscuity.

William R. Lambert


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