Don't let freedom slip away

February 20, 2014 

Freedom, the most humane condition of mankind, is slipping away. We are traveling on the road to serfdom and slavery as we struggle with this troubling moral crisis.

Freedom is not free and survives only through our active participation in public affairs. Our founders consecrated our God-given rights in the Constitution. Each generation inherits the duty to preserve these priceless liberties won through the blood and sacrifice of brave Americans. Our generation must accept the duty to save this noble experiment.

Freedom is being nullified by politicians who operate government as their own criminal enterprise. Our rights under the Constitution have been stolen by corrupt officials who control our lives and property through oppressive taxes and regulations.

The people we elected to represent us in government have spent America into bankruptcy to pay excessive public employee benefits and vote buying welfare. These politicians are betraying us as they sell the American birthright for personal gain.

Choosing freedom is an urgent call to action for the people to take back their country. Liberal progressives are responsible for the damage done to our once prosperous and free nation. Destructive liberal politicians occupy positions of power on the county board, state legislature, Congress and governor's office. The culpable incumbents who will be on the November ballot for re-election are aligned with the majority party and the lawless President Obama agenda. Removing them from power is a necessary action to save the American people from slavery, insolvency and surrender.

Ron Davinroy


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