Mayor Park's outrage is misdirected

February 21, 2014 

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks called the Bob Romanik talk show to say he thinks it is an atrocity to move the Housing Authority from the city to the county. The atrocity is allowing the city to keep the public housing based on the multitude of crime and substandard conditions that plagues them.

The Belleville News-Democrat reported that the Roosevelt Homes' residents were under siege and robbed of their $5 and $10 as they walked out their apartments. The John DeShields Homes was deemed to be one of the most violent projects. A huge block of the Gompers Homes and other public housing units are absentee voters.

If the mayor is outspoken with anger about the Housing Authority's move to the county, why is he not outraged and giving closure to the parents for their loved ones murdered each year in the city? Where was the fury from elected leaders when St. Mary's Hospital was closing? The employment office announced its closing and the city elected leaders' voices were in silent mode.

What makes the Housing Authority and the Board of Elections so special the mayor has to shout to the high hills? The election board is what keeps the Democratic Club in power. As for the Housing Authority, it is just another one of the city leaders' employment agencies about to close. No, not really, since St. Clair County is believed to also be an employment agency for city officials.

Dorothy Joshway

East St. Louis

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