Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

February 23, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 1021 Cool Valley Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to John Mendy and Nesrin Mendy; $63,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 646 Fort Henry Road; from Andrew Akes and Virginia Akes; to Andrew J. Walsh; $133,500.

* 10 Bittersweet Lane; from Richard Brink and Muriel Brink; to Ashlee Heady; $139,000.

* 3005 Blackwood Drive; from My Dung T. Lo; to Raymond Le; $175,000.

* 13 Kirby Lane; from Dorothy M. Gryzmala; to Michelle Miller; $77,000.

* 1203 Hampton Court; from Prairie State Real Estate Holdings LLC; to MIchael W. Leopold and Claire Leopold; $48,000.


* 222 Nadine Road; from Paul W. Hopkins; to Roger T. Bollinger Jr.; $8,000.


* 507 N. Main St.; from Dorothy Jondro by Michal Mattea, her Attorney; to Diamante Capital LLC; $15,000.


* 98 Shadow Xing Crossing; from Jason R. Baldus and Judith K. Baldus; to Wesley S. Burris; $172,000.

* 802 Brich Drive; from James L. Morrison and Caryl C. Morrison; to Whitney A. Leech; $95,500.


* 28 Concord Drive; from Elkhorn Properties Inc.; to Della M. Pate; $65,000.


* 10942 Kentfield Drive; from Michael K. Davenport and Kathy J. Davenport; $95,000.


* 318 S. Main St.; from Darlene K. Knippel and Robert L. Deutschmann; to Mason R. Blank; $75,000.

* 509 South Drive; from Harold D. Russell; to Leroy M. Frech; $105,000.


* 13 Algonquin Drive; from Jeffrey W. Sternau and Nicole k. Sternau; to Kenneth Rennecker and Rebecca Rennecker; $90,000.

* 107 Landau Drive; from Tim P. Bagsby; to Kent Knowles and Aneta J. Knowles; $158,000.


* 7755 Five Forks East Road; from Lynette Sin POA for Adelle M. Mauere; to David Mauere and Melinda Maurer; $100,000.


* 439 Bandmour Place; from Barnes Properties Inc.; to Cheryl D. Bramlett; $230,000.

* 7005 Millsbrook Lane; from Paul F. Calogero and Evone Calogero; to Lauren P. Williams and Dorian Williams; $200,000.

* 1420 Clifton Way; from Kappert Construction Co.; to Lachantille O'Connor; $305,000.


* 2115 Clairmont Drive; from Darius Miles; to Talat M. Bashir and N. Bashir; $500,000.


* 102 E. Looking Glass St.; from Phillip E. Bowker and Judith A. Bowker; to James Levin Hart; $62,500.


* 1705 Black Willow Court; from Champaign Investment LLC; to Kimberly V. Reid; $158,000.



* 435 W. Central St.; from Ellen Connoyer Case; to Korey Duncan; $114,500.


* 1108 Carlace Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Joshua Link Konneker; $68,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 1105 Olive St.; from Joan M. Schnyder and Charles A. Schnyder; to Timothy S. Shaffer and Lyndsey E. Shaffer; $95,000.

* 615 Victory Drive; from John C. Steiner and Janet R. Steiner; to Danielle Niemeier; $72,000.

* 109 S. Gurensey St.; from Wenell C. James and Rae E. James; to patricia A. Roskowski; $34,500.

* 346 Central Ave.; from Sean R. Turner; to Amy Denise McAfee and Jonathan D. L. McFadden; $136,000.

* 1007 Vandalia St.; from Violet F. Fletcher and Vergil H. Fletcher; to Richard Latch, Meagan Latch, Timothy L. Hardin; $90,000.

* 91 Timberwood Lane; from Larry Medlin and Linda L. Medlin; to Rickey McGinness and Kimberly A. McGinness; $225,000.


* 100 Irwin; from LNV Corp.; to John Hueneger; $40,000.

* 217 Virginia St.; from Robert D. Fluck and Janice L. Fluck; to Dawn R. Hogue; $56,000.

* 105 Irwin St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Michael J. Larosa; $99,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 4716 Cahokia Creek Road; from William Mitchell and Marie Mitchell; to David Berry; $148,500.

* 2524 Spyglass Court; from William G. Peterson and Vicki G. Peterson; to Brooke D. Moody and Annie E. Moody; $250,000.

* 422 Roanoke Drive; from Michael D. Byrne; to Michael George and Jennifer George; $159,000.

* 45 Sunset Hills Drive; Keith L. Bouquet and Denise D. Bouquet; to Shaun Arnold and Krista Arnold; $390,500.


* 408 Westchester; from Jerome E. Kellerman and Leanna S. Kellerman; to Joseph C. Huber and Ashley K. Huber; $380,000.

* 110 Northlane Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Dianne M. Meyer and Russell D. Adams; $102,750 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 5215 Clifton Terrace Road; from Christopher E. Parrish; to Katherine E. Smith; $93,000.


* 1737 Poplar St.; from Marjorie G. Somraty; to Heather Fain; $53,500.

* 612 Erica Drive; from Garrett Mullen and Molly Mullen; to David E. Ramey and Cynthia S. Ramey; $196,000.


* 301 Laurel St.; from Fannie Mae; to Stephanie B. Hammond; $87,000.


* 1905 Crimson Oak Drive; from Steven A. Hammel and Diana Hammel; to Paul Fedro and Carole Fedro; $210,000.


* 610 Hummingbird Court; from Julie Coomer, James E. Weaver, James E. Weaver Estate; to James M. Simmering; $142,000.

* 89 Sugar Hill Road; from Barbara J. Hinrichs, Barbara A. Hawkins, Barbara L. Petrie, Rod Hinrichs; to Ian Heidemann and Jessica Heidemann; $185,500.


* 626 Leslie Ave.; from Adam Byron; to Matthew Corey; $99,500.

* 552 S. 13th St.; from Cory J. Diveley and Emily M. Diveley; to Johnny G. Law and Jayme R. Law; $106,500.


* 9961 Lincoln Drive; from Sarah L. Phelps; to Patricia A. Monroe; $204,500.

* 1831 Port Lane; from Kaen A. Suhre, Daniel Spitze, Teresa Spitze; to Theresa Hellmann-Spitze; $245,000.



* 101 Hill Castle Road; from LVS Title Trust 1; to Kelly Reinold and Nathaniel Reinhold; $150,000.

* 526 S. Ferkel St.; from Robert E. Newbill; to Searchlight Properties Inc.; $95,500.


* 6638 Lake Forest Drive; from Marilyn S. Borkowski, Co-Trustee and William J. Borkowski, Co-Trustee; to Cally Killian and Ranley Killian Jr.; $285,000.

* 6900 State Route 156; from Lyndel R. Matthews, Trustee; to David L. Matthews and Debra S. Matthews; $203,000.

* 824 Grand Prairie Drive; from Julie Walters Nichols and Patrick J. Nichols; to Christopher Toenjes and Melissa Toenjes; $275,000.

* 611 Evansville Ave.; from Beth Conrod, Kyle Conrod, Linda Yagge; to Brittany N. Huelsman and Justin D. Imm; $140,000.

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