What did you do to get through the winter?

February 23, 2014 

"Bundled up. We added more clothes, coats, hats, gloves, everything. We stayed in a little bit more than usual."

Lonetta Glen, 27


student at Harris Stowe State University majoring in business administration, with children, Lil' Taylor, 2, London, 5, a kindergartner at Jefferson Grade School, and Tatyana, 10, a 4th-grader at Union Grade School

"I had to work in the cold. I'm a ramp agent. I load and unload planes ... When I'm outside -- sometimes two hours at a time -- I wear a coat, gloves and a face mask. I got a new one this year. I put on warm boots and pretty much bundle up in two or three layers."

Taylor Glen, 31


U.S. Airways ramp agent

"I drank lots of coffee and stayed inside. When we went out, we put on extra coats and hats. I think it was worse that usual, all those snow days."

Danielle Tourville, 25


stay-at-home mom with son Griffin, 1

"I put on extra hoodies. It was definitely colder than usual."

Chris Whitworth, 27



"Most of what we had to do was find activities for the kids to do inside. We bought a lot of arts and crafts projects. I think it seemed worse than usual. There sure were a lot of snow storms. I am a teacher. We are really behind at school. We will go till almost June. Now, our days off are make up snow days. The kids liked it, but it was too cold to go out and play."

Kari Zipfel, 26


freshman physical science teacher at McCluer High School in St. Louis and mother of Sophia, 4, and Noah, almost 2.

"We were waiting for a day like this (Tuesday when the temperature reached 60). We wore the boots out to make sure we didn't get too muddy." Dave Zipfel, 29


AT&T manager

"I feel like we watched a lot of movies and wore multiple layers. We hibernated and didn't go anywhere. We ate popcorn and watched movies every night. We saw the movie 'Frozen.' I think that was the highlight of winter. After they saw 'Frozen,' they liked seeing all the ice everywhere."

Annie Young, 28


mom of Jayel, 4, Zoe, 3, and foster mom of Christopher, 2 1/2 months.

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