Racial Harmony Award Winners

News-DemocratFebruary 23, 2014 

Racial Harmony award winners announced Sunday:

Alisyn Bates, Westhaven School, Belleville

Amaya Cook, Roosevelt Elementary, Belleville

Daymione Cross, Belleville East High School, Belleville

Taylor Dalton, Officer Elementary, East St. Louis

Alannah Farrar, Penniman School, Cahokia

Debrianna Fluker, Ellis School, Belleville

Alissa Gabriele, Union School, Belleville

Cailyn Galloway, Jefferson School, Belleville

Kimberly Haguewood, Central Jr. High, Belleville

Ashley Harris, Cahokia School of Choice

Giovanna Kirby, Illini Elementary, Fairview Heights

Jayel McDaniel, Miles Davis Kindergarten Center, East St. Louis

Kameron Middlebrooks, Wolf Branch, Swansea

Jazzlyn Morgan, Franklin School, Belleville

Ashley Munoz, Blessed Sacrament School, Belleville

Amy Muschler, Shiloh Middle School, Shiloh

Ashley Osuma, O'Fallon High School, O'Fallon

Jamie Owens, Emge School, Belleville

Fred Perry III, Maplewood School, Cahokia

Caitlyn Redman, Governor French Academy, Belleville

Ver'Onda Reynolds, Cahokia Eighth Grade Academy, Cahokia

Angel Riley, Belleville West High School, Belleville

Aidan Schweitzer, Abraham Lincoln School, Belleville

Jacob Shields, Signal Hill, Belleville

Katherine Short, Shiloh Elementary, Shiloh

Maya Singh, Mascoutah High School, Mascoutah

Gabriella Singleton, Scott Elementary, Scott Air Force Base

Cameron Snively, Douglas Elementary, Belleville

Hailey Spencer, Central Elementary, O'Fallon

Camren Stacy, E. Morris Elementary

Dillon Sunnquist, High Mount School, Swansea

Dylan Vandergriff, Henry Raab School, Belleville

Grace Warma, Washington School, Belleville

Ryan Webb, Wolf Branch Middle School, Swansea

Michaela Wittlich, Belle Valley Middle School, Belleville

Ahzia Word, West Jr. High, Belleville

Mario Davin Young, Belle Valley Elementary, Belleville

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