Yankees reportedly out on Aledmys Diaz

Posted by Scott Wuerz on February 24, 2014 

The team that many thought was the most likely to make the winning bid for Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz isn't even going to make him a free agent contract offer, according to a New York Post Story.

Despite previous reports that Diaz has a powerful bat for a middle infielder and a strong arm from the hole at shortstop, reports indicate that the New York Yankees think he projects as an MLB utility player and that they'll pass on making an offer.

Diaz seemed like a likely candidate for the Yankees because they're usually free spenders combined with the fact that they will lose future Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter to retirement after the 2014 season.

I was skeptical about Diaz as a Jeter replacement, however, because it seems like an awful lot of pressure to put on a kid who is an unknown commodity. I see a veteran shortstop like Stephen Drew as a bridge from Jeter to a more long term answer.

It's hard to say if the Yankees saw something no one else did in Diaz's game or if he's somehow decayed as a prospect at the age of 23. But several other teams, presumably including the St. Louis Cardinals, are said to still be interested.

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