Where the GOP stands

February 24, 2014 

Many people have quoted Abraham Lincoln and those quotes still ring true. This was the Republican stand in the mid 19th century and is still the same today.

The government cannot:

Improve the economy by spending more than it receives;

Reduce the debt by printing more money and borrowing more;

Strengthen the economy by lowering business profit margins;

Improve harmony across all classes by divisiveness;

Decrease the number of poor by increasing freebies;

Increase employment without improving education.

In today's environment, the Republican stance is:

Approve an annual budget that is less than it receives so that the difference can be applied to the debt;

Eliminate the maximum Social Security payment and lock all Social Security and Medicare money;

Make all laws applicable to all citizens including all elected/appointed officials who must pay into Social Security, Medicare, non-government retirement and health care;

Make all laws single issue (no riders, pork or paybacks) and less than 200 pages so that all lawmakers can read and understand them before they vote on them;

Eliminate all travel expenses between home district, vacation location and business;

Tax all businesses (foreign and domestic) equally, regardless of the location of their headquarters;

Put an end to government racism, bullying and lying/deception (lack of transparency and honesty).

Jerry Morence


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