Wages go up, jobs go down

February 24, 2014 

Well, we never learn, do we? The president just signed the new minimum wage increase. So now we will have more unemployed.

What? You say you don't understand? Well let's say I own a small business with 12 employees working five days a week at minimum wage. They were making $290 a week. Now they will make $404 per week. That's $1,386 I have to come up with, which I can't do because I'm barely making it as it is. So I have to lay off 3,386 workers.

Now I ask you, does it seem fair for some people to make more at the expense of others? Are those who manage to keep their job selfish to want more so others get none? Also, we all get to pay more at the store because those who can keep their workers just raise prices to make up for it.

But what I think is this: that Obama wants more unemployed, that is on the dole. More people to vote for liberals.

Henrietta Harris


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