Local communities to get $882,000 for roads, fire protection

News-DemocratFebruary 25, 2014 

A dozen local communities will receive about $882,000 in federal grants to fix roads, install water hydrants and purchase firefighting equipment, St. Clair County leaders said.

The grants include:

* Belleville, $353,000 to rehabilitate East Main Street and Grand Avenue, which runs between North Douglas Avenue and East Main Street.

* Cahokia, $80,000 to rehabilitate the sanitary sewer on St. Margaret Drive.

* Caseyville, $60,000 to replace the North Long Street Bridge at Little Canteen Creek.

* Brooklyn, $60,000 to line the sanitary sewer on Washington, Second, Adams, Monroe and Sixth streets.

* Canteen Township, $60,000 to purchase and install six water hydrants.

* Alorton, $50,000 to purchase firefighting equipment.

* Centreville, $45,000 to make asphalt improvements on Market, 47th, 42nd and 43rd streets,

* Summerfield, $45,000 to rehabilitate Coal Mine Road.

* Lenzburg Township, $42,000 to rehabilitate Lenzburg Township Line Road.

* Sugar Loaf Township, $40,000 for a water main replacement project in East Carondelet.

* Stites Township, $24,000 to purchase firefighting equipment and a siren.

* Smithton, $23,000 for improvements on South Street from High Street to East Street.

The Community Development Block Grants stem from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. The federal money intends to fund infrastructure development. The county's Intergovernmental Grants Department determines which local municipalities are awarded the grants.

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