Sheriff earns another term

February 25, 2014 

Snap. Crackle. Pop. That's the sound of me hitting the road for Madison County Sheriff Bob Hertz.

His service to County Board District 16 speaks well of his commitment to justice. Please let me mention just a few of the very difficult problems where I have seen Bob in action in District 16. I am sure he works as hard in all 28 districts of the county.

In 2003, just a few months after he was elected sheriff, he and other officials cleaned up the West Chain of Rocks Mobile Home park in Chouteau Township. It had become home to drug dealers and prostitutes. The abandoned trailers had broken windows and were filled with garbage. The news media said it was the worst trailer park in our state. Now, years after his efforts, each time I drive by that area I am so proud of its appearance.

In 2007 Hertz declared war. The "Miracle Manor Clean-Up Project" is another of his efforts in which those of us in Nameoki Township can take pride. He came to our rescue at just the right time.

A recent issue he handled successfully is the synthetic drug problem near Mitchell School in Chouteau Township. The list goes on and on.

Hertz deserves to re-elected as Madison County sheriff. Let's remember to vote for him on primary election day, March 18.

Helen M. Hawkins

Nameoki Town Clerk

Granite City

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