Hightower for governor?

February 26, 2014 

I found two interesting articles in the BND on Friday. The two were sports related and I couldn't resist the opportunity to weigh in with comments.

First, the IHSA implements more playoff changes. What a joke; too bad it has no comedic value. It's laughable, but for all the wrong reasons. I must agree with Mater Dei Principal Dennis Litteken, it's a penalty for working hard and being successful.

Chicago Simeon High School is known as a basketball juggernaut. The school has four straight 4A championships. Last year it produced six D-1players for high major college teams. May I suggest that this school be forced to move up to Division 1at the collegiate level?

Second, Edwardsville School Superintendent Ed Hightower was honoredbythe Illinois Senate upon his retirement as a college basketball referee.He was presented with a "game ball" signed by the senators. Seriously, really, the dishonorable senators of our once great state propose to honor somebody?

How about this; hand Hightower a check signed by all the senators for the total amount of money that they owe his school district. Better yet, ask him to run for governor and support his candidacy. He has provenhe can propose a budget and live within it.

Randy Leffler


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