Back in business: Cupcake Girl Chloe will get her new kitchen by late spring

News-DemocratFebruary 27, 2014 

— Chloe Stirling just wanted to make cupcakes. Now, she will get her chance to do it legally.

As a cheering crowd of family, friends and students looked on Thursday morning, Chloe learned that a commerical kitchen would be built for her so she could continue her Hey Cupcake! business at home.

Jason Spengler, owner of Spengler Plumbing and Cooling in O'Fallon, surprised the family at Triad Middle School with the news, saying that with the help of donations, his company will "lead the charge" to build the Troy 11-year-old the commercial kitchen. An addition to the family home is expected to get under way this spring and be completed by the end of May.

"Everyone at Spengler considers Chloe part of our family," Spengler said. "Her dad, Ched, has worked as one of

our top plumbers for the past seven years. And we have enjoyed many of Chloe's Cupcake Creations. So when we

heard that she was put out of business, we stepped into high gear to get her back baking again."

The announcement came after a showing in the school gym of Chloe's appearance on "Rachael Ray" (KTVI, Channel 2). It was taped Monday in New York with her parents, Heather and Ched Stirling. The sixth-grader watched the segment with her parents and fellow students on a giant screen TV, with cupcakes for everyone.

After the viewing, Spengler and a crew of Ched Stirling's co-workers unveiled an 8-by-4-foot image of the commercial kitchen. They also gave the school a $500 donation in Chloe's name as a way to honor her fellow students, who created and sold hundreds of "Hey Cupcake" T-shirts to show their support.

Chloe's cupcake business was shut down by the Madison County Health Department in January because she didn't work out of a certified kitchen and was selling to the public. She had been making cakes and cupcakes out of the family kitchen for about two years, mostly for friends, relatives, and occasionally selling them through word of mouth.

The new kitchen will be filled with new appliances as well. During the taping of "Rachael Ray," the family was surprised with a full suite of GE kitchen appliances from Ray and Buddy Valastro, of TLC's "Cake Boss."

Now, Chloe will have a place to put those shiny new appliances.

Spengler continues to seek donations from suppliers and donors through,

where interested supporters can log on and offer their support and read about the construction progress.

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