Not the same great nation

February 28, 2014 

There was a time in this once great Christian nation when children were safe in school, just as safe as a child in his mother's womb. That's when the United States was "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all." Not today.

The U.S. has abandoned God because the U.S. differentiates between children who are born and children who are alive but not yet born. God does not.

The U.S. still pledges allegiance to God and country, but it is just words. The U.S. legally kills 3,800 of God's unborn children every day. That's 26,600 a week -- more than 55 million exterminated since this American holocaust began.

The citizens of the United States need to repent. They need to make a movement back to God who has blessed this nation so richly, abundantly, graciously, and mercifully. This moral meltdown, this on-going on-slaughter of evil must end. The way for Americans to change this is to pray every day to end abortion and to always vote pro-life.

Charles E. Dragovich

Sun City West, Ariz.

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