Do you have a movie you would recommend?

March 2, 2014 

SWIC students Crystal Chartrau and Brittany Witte suggest movies they like.


"'Frozen.' I have seen it at least eight times. I love it. It's great. It's a musical. The character development was pretty awesome. Growing up as a '90s kid watching Disney, you have got to go see it."

Cristine Nealon, 19


pre-pharmacy major

"I grew up with 'The Hobbit.' I liked the Hobbit movies. I like the fact that it was my favorite childhood book and they made it into a trilogy. I liked the second one better than the first because there was a lot more action. The third one is coming out this year."

Anelise Mize, 19


fine arts major who works at Columbia DQ

"A really influential movie is 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' It gives more realism as to how people make money. It brings to light corruption, but does it in a comedic, but real way. You get a sense of what it is. I watched it twice. The second time I paid close attention to details."

Bryant Peppler, 19

Fairview Heights

engineering major

"'The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete.' It's about two young boys who had just gotten out of school. They lived in a city project and were left home alone for the entire summer. They had to figure ways to get food while their mothers were in jail and going through drug rehab. They were defeated by being alone, but their moms came back all better and off drugs and they got reunited."

Sean Pettiford, 21


nursing major

'"Frozen.' It's amazing. I liked everything. The singing was really good. It's a Disney animated movie about a sister who has magic powers. She makes the land freeze over, then unfreezes everything."

Ruth Guionnaud, 17


elementary education major who works as a cashier at McAlister's Deli

"Probably 'The Hunger Games.' 'Catching Fire' was a good one. I like the action and how they had to think about every possible (outcome) really quickly. They had to think on their toes. If flowed really well."

Maddie Baugh, 19


early childhood education major who works at Chick-fil-A

"'Now You See Me.' It's about magicians using their skills for good and to help other people."

Gaylon Haire, 19


psychology major who works at SWIC's day care

"'Endless Love.' It's a new movie, a love story about a teen who's dad is controlling and whose brother died. At graduation, she meets a boy, falls in love and holds off plans to go to college."

Crystal Chartrau, 19


science major planning to be a dentist

"'About Last Night.' I liked that it was funny. It's a comedy-love story with Kevin Hart in it. It's about this guy who met this girl. They end up falling in love, fight, but end up together."

Brittany Witte, 18

Scott Air Force Base

journalism major

"'Hidden Colors.' It's basically a documentary about the untold history of Africa's artifacts that are hidden in the world. A lot of people don't know about them. It's very good."

Markysha Marks, 22


graphic communications major who works at SWIC's activities office and at Schmitt Art Center

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