Real estate: What is your neighbor's home sellling for?

March 2, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:



* 3534 Capri Lane; from McBride Eagles Landing; to Kriangsak Chawalikhit; $179,000.

* 1840 & 1842 Galway Drive; from Raymond Geller; to Robert K. Mize; $132,500.

* 100 Highwood Drive; from First FSB of Mascoutah; to Restated, Amended & Extended Green Meadows Land Trust; $22,500.

* 24 Biltmore Terrace; from Anna Maddox; to Danville M. Sewell; $143,000.


* 118 St. James Lane; from Brian K. Hausmann; to RDS Development Corp.; $30,000.


* 1404 Columbia Road; from Michael Hazelip and Diana Hazelip; to Matthew Hudzik and Amber Hudzik; $92,500.

* 661 Marian Drive; from Ohio Investments LLC; to Caryn Cleveland; $83,500.


* 7445 Timberwolf Trail; from Robert L. Horvath II; to Kyler H. Stevens and Miranda M. Stevens; $200,000.


* 2720 Polk St.; from Citizens Community Bank; to Tomiya S. Lawless; $16,000.


* 902 Belsha St.; from David E. Filkins and Rebecca A. Filkins; to Michael P. Brooks; $100,000.


* 737 Country Oaks Lane; from Marilyn Haselroth; to Edward A. Billups; $122,000.


* 48 Acorn Lake Drive; from Cartus Corp.; to Brian D. Longust and Sandra J. Longust; $138,000.



* 1822 Crest Drive; from Ronald W. Kessler and Sharon K. Kessler; to Cory M. Schilling and Vicki D. Schilling; $47,000.

* 1419 Henry St.; from Richard K. Kaveler and Linda L. Kaveler; to Jessica Berrick; $328,000.


* 4 Parkwood Court; from Alice Coffman; to James L. Hyman and Tracie L. Hyman; $138,000.

* 420 Sheridan St.; from Charles A. Ray; to Nicholas E. Cannedy and Sarah E. Cannedy; $145,000.


* 507 N. Combs Ave.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Lauren N. Mayo, Michael D. Mayo, Sharon L. Mayo; $53,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 315 N. Hesperia St.; from Laura Frawley and Justin Frawley; to Aaron M. Schumacher and Jessica K. Gruner; $113,000.

* 103 Rainbow Drive; from John Bing; to Sherri M. Dunlap; $67,000.

* 304 W. Country Lane; from Louis V. Fortenberry and Maellyn G. Fortenberry; to Richard L. Indermark and Barbara J. Idermark; $260,000.


* 223 Northmoor Place; from David G. Baumgartner and Joyce Baumgartner; to Geoffrey Fester; $108,000.


* 414 Cass Ave.; from Paul A. Flahan and Nancy A. Flahan; to Joseph Hamilton; $104,000.

* 7114 Shenandoah Drive; from Mark Weller and Jennifer Weller; to Eric R. Callison; $274,000.

* 3518 Ridgeview Road; from Joseph A. Mikes and Bridgette L. Mikes; to John L. Donnelly and Amber J. Donnelly; $276,500.

* 6904 Quail Walk; from Jonathon D. Raymond and Darlene Raymond; to Brian W. Popp and Margaret E. Popp; $228,000.

* 210 Hale Ave.; from CN Properties LLC; to Rebecca F. Schreiber; $105,000.

* 360 E. Lake Drive; from Sidney F. Crane and Lillian C. Crane; to Ryan Warren and Jayme Swanke; $242,500.

* 103 Dunleigh Park Lane; from Jeffrfey Swiatek and Christina Swiatek; to Kenneth D. Tice and Karen H. Tice; $775,000.


* 114 Bayridge Court; from Bradley Vacca and Teresa Vacca; to Stacy K. Martin; $166,000.


* 6420 Sunset Drive; from Dolores C. Deangelo and Ernest L. Deangelo; to Robert D. Honke; $36,500.

* 1720 Winter Lane; from Brian A. Garvey and Stephanie Garvey; to Brian A. Garvey; $142,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 1616 Venice Ave.; from David W. Zimmer and Susan M. Zimmer; to Josh Davis and Tara Davis; $78,000.

* 2936 Iowa St.; from Regina Pucel and Edward Pucel; to Kenneth Andrews and Debra Andrews; $49,000.

* 2213 E. 1/2 24th St.; from Amanda A. Corder; to Angelica Chism; $45,000.


* 95 Liberty Lane; from Wellen Homes Inc.; to Michael Dapkus and Michelle A. Dapkus; $524,500.

* 25 Northwoods Trail; from Lutheran Senior Services; to David Anderson and Cynthia Anderson; $213,000.

* 308 S. Locust St.; from Janet M. Esmon and Julius M. Esmon; to Robert P. Eaton; $54,500.


* 805 Iowa St.; from CR Investments; to Pacer Cap; $20,000.


* 3751 Justine Drive; from TTM Real Estates Development II LLC; to Dettmer Homes of Illinois LLC; $22,000.


* 8746 Cardinal Creek; from Paoli Builders Inc.; to Joseph Clay and Abbigail Clay; $316,000.


* 601 Sinclair; from Regina L. Feezel, Allen N. Palmer, Lenora L. Personett; to Blake Wallace; $63,500.


* 408 Chamberlain Drive; from Vicksburg Development Inc.; to Construction Solutions 4 U Inc.; $52,000.

* 8634 Blackjack Hollow Lane; from AMC Helldoerfer LLC; to Anthony M. Thoel and Elizabeth A. Dains; $59,000.

* 584 Berkshire Drive; from LMV Homes Inc.; to Nicholas J. Martin and Megan R. Martin; $521,500.

* 31 Meadowbrooke; from Sundance Home Development Inc.; to Justin Frawley and Laura Frawley; $223,500.

* 6 Glenwood Court; from Brian Wachter and Tamara L. Wachter; to Marshall K. Witsberger and Ellen C. Witsberger; $240,000.


* 936 Cedar Drive; from Pamela S. Schwarberg; to Walter Frazier and Kathy L. Opel; $113,000.

* 20 Vaughn Drive; from Donna McCollum; to David J. Woodress; $185,000.



* 3001 Croatia Drive; from Darren D. Hines Living Trust, Darren D. Hines, Trustee, Tammy A Hines, Trustee; to Christopher Hitzemann and Elizabeth Hitzemann; $90,000.

* 2451 Lakeshore Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Kathryn R. Davis and William P. Davis; $171,000.

* 1106 N. Main St.; from John P. Long and Nancy A. Long; to Diane Davis-Stein and Brian Tharp; $195,000.

* 319 Westpark Drive; from Lawrence R. Lucy and Ryan Lucy; to Mark A. Furlow and Sara L. Furlow; $189,000.


* 340 N. Second St.; from Brad Karn and Kim Karn; to James L. Mueth; $40,000.


* 527 S. Church St.; from Brian Bise, Brian L. Bise, Donald D. Bise, Duane D. Bise, Randy W. Bise, Rhonda J. Knight; to Brian L. Bise and Christine M. Bise; $95,000.

* 1129 Maplewood Lane; from Vogt Builders Inc.; to Joyce M. Downey and Robert E. Downey; $184,000.

* 403 W. Mill St.; from Cynthia M. Notter and James G. Notter; to Nicholas A. Heck and Ashlee R. Oberhaus; $90,000.

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