Get real in politics

March 2, 2014 

The election is coming. Yea. The GOP are the greatest. The election is coming, yea. The Democrats are the greatest.

What we really need is a party for the people. We need about 10 people from each state who have worked in the private sector. Held jobs. Earned an honest living. Form a new party for the people and by the people. Vote out all the little princes and princesses.

Cut their pensions to the same level as Social Security. Make them have Medicare. If they want anything else, they pay for it. No more golden chutes for them. No more 20-hour work weeks. Do the job. Build up our own country.

Tax breaks only to those who build factories and employ workers here. But it will never happen as long as the main pleasure that people get is ripping and wounding each other. This is promoted by the two parties.

We have to keep our attention focused elsewhere, not on them. Remember, the longer we keep fighting each other, the happier our elected officials are.

At 78 I'm too old to do this, but if everyone who is dissatisfied with our senators, congressmen and other elected officials would give $1 to the independents, they would have millions of dollars to work with.

The choice is ours. Kick them out or keep them.

Richard L. Cherry


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