Thousands in cash 'accidentally' donated to Glen Carbon Goodwill

News-DemocratMarch 4, 2014 


— Someone may have accidentally donated a little extra to Goodwill.

The Glen Carbon Goodwill has found $2,500 in cash in its donation pile, which they believe was unknowingly left among the donations.

Employee Maureen Lane found the money Monday afternoon while sorting donations, according to Goodwill officials.

Manager Mildred Altevogt said the money was found in a donated article of clothing. "It's happened once before, and we were able to get the money back to its rightful owner," Altevogt said.

In fact, this happens fairly often, according to Lewis Chartock, president of MERS Goodwill. In the last two years, about $20,000 has been "accidentally" donated to Goodwill.

"We are once again proud of our exemplary staff, particularly Maureen Lane, who has only worked with us for a month," Chartock said. "She properly sorted the donations and did the right thing by turning in the cash."

Altevogt said it's much more common for smaller amounts of money to be left behind, and other things are accidentally donated: a child's favorite toy, or an elderly person's memento. "We always try to get it back to them," Altevogt said. "We've really been blessed and we appreciate our donors."

According to Goodwill's policies, the accidental donor has 30 days to come by and claim the money. Staff has been reviewing video surveillance of donors on Monday afternoon to identify the likely person.

If unclaimed after 30 days, the money will go to Goodwill's programs.

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