Support for Shimkus evaporates

March 4, 2014 

I have been a supporter of U.S. Rep. John Shimkus in the past. I have given money to his campaigns, stuffed envelopes, walked in parades and written letters to the local papers for his benefit. But his vote to cut back on future military retirement pay was so far out of line, I feel embarrassed for all the support I have given him over the years.

I guess he never looked at civil service pay and retirement benefits. How about the obscene pay and benefits members of Congress enjoy? Maybe he should look at the lavish lifestyle of the people living in our White House. What about all the money we spend on the Department of Education? There are so many places to cut spending in government; to focus on the military only is downright wrong.

I applaud just about any attempt to cut government spending, but let's not pick on only one area. It's just not fair and the congressman knows it.

Larry McClintick


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