Russia clearly is in control

March 4, 2014 

First let me say that, regardless of the size of our military, we could not intervene in the crisis in the Ukraine.

Russia holds the upper hand in that part of the world. First, and foremost, is logistics; they have a short distance to move troops and equipment and we are on the other side of the world. Second, NATO forces would have the same, although shorter, logistics problem but their forces without the United States are no match for Russia. Third, the United Nations is a paper tiger. Forth, the Russians have the desire and the will.

The rest of the world will bluster and threaten, but in the end if the Russians want to take back the Crimea, they will. The big question is, will they stop there?

The West's only hope is strict, coordinated and comprehensive economic sanctions.

We must remember during this Russian power grab that they also sponsored Syria and Iran and under President Vladimir Putin would like to resurrect the old USSR. Add to this mix the leader of North Korea, a bellicose, unstable and tyrannical leader.

Is this the time to emasculate our military? We should not be the world's policeman, but we should also not be weakened to the point we are not respected or feared.

Right now our military is being sized by budgetary limitations rather than national objectives. We first need to determine what our national objectives are and then size the military accordingly. I do not believe we have ade- quately made that determination yet.

Dyno Evgenides


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