Rebutting selective opinion

March 5, 2014 

In letter writer Gene Robke's Feb. 18 yarn of selective information, the data Robke cites to denigrate the U.S. health care system is from a 2000 World Healthcare Org report which has been analytically criticized for using outdated, incomplete and overweighted data. Curiously, under such scrutiny, WHO declined to issue a 2010 follow-up ratings report.

Credit President Obama for a lower influx of illegals? True; part better enforcement, part because of the sluggish U.S. economy.

Obama's fiscal supervision: $9 trillion to $17 trillion in debt, hardly responsible and a "traitor" in his own campaign words (2008).

Credit Obama for the Dow's rise? Indirectly credit his inhospitable tax and regulation policies on business. Instead Dow companies too fearful to invest in the U.S. are instead hoarding cash to improve their financial health. Credit their investors.

Lost jobs? Don't forget NAFTA. President Clinton approved legislation. And among those "fat cat" job-killing scoundrels is major Obama contributor GE's Jeffrey Immult, with more than 50 percent of his workforce overseas.

Responsibility for today's economic doldrums? Obama possessed a supermajority in Congress 2009-2010. He could have done anything. He prioritized Obamacare; he got it. The stimulus didn't completely work and now, partly because of Chicago, one-party bully tactics don't work in a multi-party system of democracy with three branches of government. He's stuck.

Nobody forced Obama to run for president. He did. He won. It has been his economy, his responsibility, his presidency for five years. Robke needs to own up to it.

Mars Eghigian


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