St. Jacob board member should resign

March 5, 2014 

Many people in St. Jacob are troubled by the appointment of Guideon Richerson to the Village Board. Most people who live in our village know that Guideon doesn't live here.

For business reasons, Guideon uses the funeral home on his driver's license and has registered to vote here. The fact is, he lives in St. Louis.

Guideon is held with high regard in our village. Since buying the funeral home he has shown that he cares for St. Jacob, volunteering for many events. When I was mayor, I presented Guideon as a symbol of positive investment in our village, speaking of how he portrayed the rare person who invested heavily in the community where he does business while living elsewhere.

We need people like Guideon. We need them to sit on the appropriate committees.

That's the dilemma of this appointment. People recognize this need and people like Guideon. However, they know this is wrong.

While Guideon maintains a sleeping quarters above the funeral home, he does not live there. He on occasion stays there when he has a funeral, but the fact is he lives in St. Louis.

People are asking what we can do.

Everyone agrees that no one wants to see conflict and controversy, but this is wrong and the right thing needs to be done.

We are asking Guideon to do the right thing and step down, allowing Mayor Richard Schiefer, with the advice of the Village Board, to interview an appropriate candidate to fill this vacancy.

Ray Muniz

St. Jacob

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