Where will the extra tax increase go?

March 7, 2014 

I urge the voters in St. Clair County to vote on March 18 on this sales tax hike for the county jail expansion. County Board Chairman Mark Kern isn't about to tell us taxpayers where the other $88 million is going.

Myself, I've had all I can take of the corruption here in St. Clair County. If all of us people don't band together to get rid of all the politicians starting with Kern, board members and precinct committeemen, we are doomed. (Politically, of course.)

I demand that State's Attorney Brendan Kelly call the "Grim Reaper" show and explain to all of us taxpayers his legal reason why he failed or refused to file charges against Coroner Rick Stone for official misconduct. His $10,000 fine from Illinois is no small joke. No one is exempt from the law, which also includes Kelly and Kern.

And the judges need go back and find two old TV shows; "Hardcastle and McCormick" and "Blind Justice" to really learn how to disperse justice.

Finally, I called state Rep. Jay Hoffman's constituent office in regard to the loss of my little brother. His office worker said she would forward my situation to Hoffman. Did I ever hear back from Hoffman? No, I didn't. People, I may only have a GED, but I will know what to do at the polls this year.

Harold Griffin


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