What's in our food?

March 7, 2014 

Food manufacturers in America have one primary agenda: Profit. The health of people is of no concern. This group is too long to list but I will say they spent millions on TV commercials every year to convince the American public their products are just what we need to feed our families. This group along with the biotech companies, led by Monsanto, also have spent $68 million to block our right to know what's in our food, in two state elections. Coincidentally in the early 1990s when Monsanto introduced glyphosate through genetically modified crops into our food supply, our health problems started to escalate. Glyphosate is an ingredient in the product Roundup.

All this is being done with our government's approval. Why? Our first lady is on a mission to update the food labels on the products we buy. This would be the obvious time to list GM ingredients on this new label. It's time to tell the American public what's in their food. These same food manufacturers have ensured 65 other countries that what they export to them does not have GM ingredients in their products. Why not in North America?

It's time to put America's health over very large profits by more than just those mentioned above.

Jim Wolfe


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