Glazy Squares Donuts: 'People were just weirded out'

News-DemocratMarch 9, 2014 

When Kelly and Stevie Sipes lived in Texas, there seemed to be a doughnut shop on every corner, and most had drive-up windows.

So the day after the couple moved back to Collinsville, Kelly set out in her pajamas, looking for a place to get breakfast. She returned home empty-handed.

Stevie gave it a try. He already was dressed, so he ended up at Kruta's Bakery, parked the car and went inside.

"When he came back, he said, 'That's just ridiculous. We should open a doughnut shop (with a window),'" recalled Kelly, 36. "And I was like, 'Yeah, that's a great idea!' But we were just joking about it."

Six years later, the Sipeses own and operate Glazy Squares Donuts in Collinsville and Rosewood Heights. Both have drive-ups.

The shop's specialty is square glazed doughnuts, which are made at the Rosewood Heights location. Customers get a kick out of them.

"Our square-cutter broke (earlier this year), and we had round doughnuts for three weeks," said employee Hank Williams Jr., 22, of St. Peters, Mo.

"A lot of people were just weirded out by it. I was weirded out by it. It was just funny to look in the case and see round doughnuts."

Beyond plain glazed doughnuts, the shop has jelly, cream-filled and iced, several flavors of cake doughnuts, long johns, cream horns, maple nut rolls and apple fritters ($8.49 per baker's dozen for regular and $9.99 for specialty).

Armand Kleb mixed it up on a recent morning. The Fairmont Park security guard had tasted his first Glazy Squares the day before when a co-worker brought them to work.

"They were just good doughnuts," said Armand, 77, of Collinsville. "And they don't seem to be overpriced."

The shop also sells biscuits and gravy and kolaches, which resemble Hot Pockets except they're made with sweet doughnut dough wrapped around sausage and baked.

"A lot of people say our biscuits and gravy are the best in the area, and I would agree with them," said Hank, who is Kelly's brother. "It's a sausage gravy."

Kelly and Stevie also have other jobs. She's a real-estate agent, and he's a project planner for an industrial company. They own Glazy Squares with her father, Hank Williams.

The family founded the business in February of 2012, when they bought Angel Cream Donut Shop in Rosewood Heights, an institution for more than 30 years.

They opened their second location that September, moving into the former used-car office for Jack Schmitt Ford Lincoln in Collinsville.

"The coffee is good here," said customer Dee Clark, of Belleville, who stopped in with her husband, Larry, while getting their car fixed at the dealership. "It doesn't have that bitter taste, and I'm a professional coffee drinker."

The Sipeses extended hours and added ice cream to the menu on March 1. They offer 16 flavors at a time in cups, sugar cones and waffle cones, including one fat-free, one sugar-free and one sherbet.

Customers also can get sundaes with traditional toppings or doughnuts. Employees have been experimenting with flavor combinations.

"The ice cream is Cedar Crest," Kelly said. "It's from Wisconsin. I went up to Wisconsin with my three kids to visit my husband. He was working up there, and there was a Cedar Crest (location) near our hotel, and we were hooked. It's very high quality."

At a glance

What: Glazy Squares Donuts

Where: 1833 Vandalia in Collinsville

Hours: 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Indoor seating: 12 people

Outdoor patio: Coming this summer

Drive-up window: Yes

Handicap-accessible: Yes

Information: Call 618-344-0200 or visit

On the menu:

Regular doughnuts -- Cake and glazed, including iced, jelly and cream-filled (vanilla, chocolate and lemon), $8.49 for baker's dozen

Specialty doughnuts -- Cream horns, maple nut rolls and apple fritters, $9.99 for baker's dozen

Biscuits and gravy -- Housemade with sausage gravy, $3.99 for full order or $2.25 for half

Kolaches -- Sausage wrapped in sweet doughnut dough and baked, $2.25

Ice cream cones -- Cedar Crest ice cream in sugar cones, $2.25 for kids size, $2.75 for regular with one scoop and $3.75 for regular with two scoops ($3.75 for large waffle cones)

Ice cream sundaes -- Cedar Crest ice cream in a cup, $3.75 with flavored toppings or $4.75 with doughnuts

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