Terry Mackin: A holiday for baseball opening day? Get in line

March 9, 2014 

Every baseball fan should go to an Opening Day in St. Louis once.

The Clydesdales. The Hall of Famers in their red jackets. The parade of players in convertibles or trucks.

But should baseball's Opening Day be a national holiday?

I'm pretty sure Opening Day in St. Louis is a bigger deal than the season's first game in Miami or Tampa.

You've probably read about Ozzie Smith and Budweiser teaming up on a promotional campaign to turn Major League Baseball's Opening Day into a national holiday. Are they serious? The promotion has put Ozzie, Budweiser and baseball in the news a lot.

Sure, Opening Day is a special day. I'm looking forward to it. But if we're making a list of potential new holidays, I have a few other days to ponder:

Election Day.

About 60 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot in the last presidential election. That was lower than the previous two presidential elections. Instead of making Election Day Tuesday a holiday, maybe we consider giving actual voters off that next Friday. I'd bet we would see the number of voters jump for a three-day weekend.

Monthly Veterans Day.

I don't think one holiday a year is enough to recognize our military veterans. Here's a motion to make Veterans Day a monthly holiday. One day per month, we can get off work but only if we plan to do something kind for a veteran, or in a veteran's memory.

March Madness Day.

A case can be made that less work gets done on the first day of the NCAA mens' college basketball tourney than baseball's Opening Day. Here's hoping my bracket is still dancing after the first two days of this year's tourney. I will stop picking by my heart. Promise. Maybe Notre Dame and St. Louis University won't make it to the Final Four. But maybe they will!

Bastille Day.

Do we give enough recognition to Bastille Day, which is the name given in English-speaking countries to the French National Day, which is celebrated on July 14? The French National Day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution in the late 1700s. Don't care? Hint: July 14 is my birthday. President Gerald Ford's, too, if that helps the cause.

St. Patrick's Day.

I understand March 17 means more to those of us with Irish ancestry. That's why companies give floating holidays. The Irish can take off St. Pat's Day, and the French can take off Bastille Day to help me celebrate my birthday.

April Fool's Day.

I think we could have some fun with this one. It's a holiday. Really. No it's not! Yes it is. Really. You'd better show up. Why are you here? We're off. Really!

Happy Deer Hunting Day.

I'm betting more guys take off on the first day of deer hunting season in November than on the first day of the baseball season.

Super Bowl Monday.

This could be a legitimate day off for the cities or states whose home teams are involved in the big game. Denver fans could have used a day off this year. At the same time, misery loves company, so maybe it's better all the people in Colorado had to work so they weren't alone.

Thanksgiving Wednesday.

Wednesday can be a holiday to get prepared for Thursday's gratefulness and good food with family, and Black Friday's shopping. Yellow Wednesday is a day of solo peace, quiet and fasting.

Happy October Day.

Weather-wise, we've had a tough winter. For me, there's no better month of the year, weather-wise, than October, my favorite month. Pumpkin weather. A harvest moon. Wear shorts and a sweatshirt. Friday night lights. Give me a holiday in my favorite month, October. Maybe it will help me forget our miserable December, January and February.

Daylight Saving Time Day.

Spring forward, fall back. Fall back, spring forward. It doesn't make a difference with my internal clock. Mess with the clocks and I'm confused for a few days. I could use a holiday off to re-adjust all my clocks and figure out what time it is right now.

Let's start tomorrow.

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