A luxury Grant taxpayers can't afford

March 9, 2014 

Recently residents of Grant/Illini School District 110 received a postcard concerning the upcoming tax referendum. My initial reaction was to question why a district that is having financial woes is spending the money to mail out such flyers. My next reaction was disappointment with the misleading text.

Besides the usual voting info, the card states: "For a little more than $8 per month, we can keep District 110 schools open." What it doesn't say is this is $8 per $100,000 of your property value.

We pay in excess of $10,000 in property taxes in Illinois. Approximately 90 percent of this goes to the school districts. We are not the only residents of Fairview Heights who pay at this rate. Senior citizens have paid their fair share.

The state has warned the school districts that benefits will be cut. Back pay is not coming. We citizens shouldn't have to reach into our pockets again and again.

There is not anymore money to give. Most of us have cut our budgets and are trying to live within our means -- and it's time that District 110 does the same.

Whether you like or dislike the idea of consolidation, it is being forced into reality,

Having two districts in Fairview Heights has been a luxury. It's now time to get back to reality.

Sharon Karraker

Fairview Heights

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