Silver lining in rough winter

March 10, 2014 

With all the negativity printed daily in the letters section, it was refreshing to read the comments by Jeanine Bivens in the Feb. 28 issue of the BND.

We had a harsh winter, lots of snow, ice and cold.

Look at the positive side of this weather.

Snow and ice melt slowly and seep into the ground, providing water for our trees and other vegetation. Some of the water goes into the water table, where cities like Collinsville get their drinking water, replacing water taken out of the ground.

I have been told that prolonged temperatures below freezing help get rid of some insects that return in the warm weather to pester us. I realize that not all insects are eliminated, but by freezing off a large number of them, it will make our spring and summer more bearable.

Don't take this wrong, I worked outside in all kinds of weather for 40 years; I still don't like extreme weather, hot or cold.

Think positive, there is more than enough negativity going around. Thanks to Bivens for something good to read. And yes, when our public servants do a good job for us, they should be commended. More often, we only read about the things that went wrong (it makes better news).

Joseph Obernuefemann


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