C.A.R.D. names interim director

News-DemocratMarch 11, 2014 

— An interim director has been named for the Collinsville Area Recreation District, whose director resigned last week.

Human resources Director Susan Zaber was named interim director in a special meeting Monday. She had been hired in 2011 as administrative assistant and was promoted to human resources after a round of budget cuts eliminated the position of director of business.

Zaber said her role will be as a liaison between the board and employees. "I'm keeping a seat warm and I'll be able to help (a new director) transition into the position once they're hired," Zaber said.

The C.A.R.D. board needed to fill the position after Terry Wilson resigned, three days after warning the board that the district's lowered tax rate would make it impossible to run park operations.

Her first day on the job, Zaber laid off a payroll specialist who had been with the district since 2007. She said the specialist, Kay Tepen, was a "good-hearted and dedicated employee," but that the cut needed to be made for cost-effective operations.

Wilson resigned March 6, three days after telling the board that the $224,000 reduction in tax revenue had forced them to lay off two-thirds of park employees, and that would make it impossible to operate the parks in the manner to which Collinsville residents were accustomed. Revenue had dropped after voters approved tax cuts in three operating funds for C.A.R.D.

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