CARD needs a new board

March 12, 2014 

After months of hostile public outcry, finger pointing, packed meetings and an unfair smear campaign about the Collinsville Area Recreation District, the executive director resigned, four of five board members were replaced and its president defrocked. Many people believed the political shift was designed to wound or destroy CARD and de-annex Maryville residents. Proponents argued for change and lower taxes under the red herring of fiscal conservancy and cries of financial mismanagement.

The "dream" board appears to have little knowledge about operating the district and their hand-picked director resigned. He claimed, in his public exit interview, the board didn't provide operational direction, questioned its ability to manage and after severe cuts in staff and expenses, feared the district would not have enough money to operate. Word has it the board wants to outsource and ask Collinsville to help. Who pays?

Board chair David Tanzyus stated: "After many years of mismanagement, we are all left to clean the mess up." Not this time; Dave and his meeting-packing, loud-mouth buddies created this mess.

The referendum to lower taxes reduced the average household tax bill $30 annually; the accumulative effect cost CARD $250,000. In other words: politically effective; fiscally foolish. Results? Failure.

CARD did take on a project it should not have taken on, made acquisitions that deserved further scrutiny and due diligence. CARD deserves a board who cares.

Is CARD better off today? It's time for this board to save face and resign en masse.

Christopher Durham


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