Time for a new sheriff in Madison County

March 13, 2014 

I have known both candidates running in the Democratic primary for Madison County sheriff for some time. I consider both candidates a friend of me and my family. I will not bash either candidate, but I believe that the better choice is John Lakin.

Obviously current Sheriff Bob Hertz thought that Lakin was a good investigator, supervisor and a leader. That is why Hertz promoted John to chief deputy in the Madison County Sheriff's Department. John held that position for five years until his retirement, when he took the position of chief of police in Glen Carbon.

Lakin is honest, compassionate, hardworking and dedicated. This is why he has the support of many law enforcement officers, both working and retired. John has the support and endorsement of Sarah Deatherage, the widow of Illinois State Trooper Kyle Deatherage. He has also received the endorsement of many of the bargaining units that represent law enforcement officers in Madison County.

John has pledged, if elected, to donate $5,000 of his salary annually to local non-kill animal shelters and centers for abused women and children. This is an example of his character.

I ask people to join me in supporting and voting for Lakin. It's time for a change.

Robert A. Rizzi Jr.


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