Give conservatives a break

March 14, 2014 

Letter writer Kevin Gagen complains about all the conservative letters to the Belleville News-Democrat. Maybe that is because it's the only voice we have in this state; liberal Democrats control not only the state government but Madison and St. Clair counties as well.

Gagen says he doesn't engage in personal attacks but he denigrates whole groups with his constant attacks on conservatives and blaming George Bush for everything that has happened in this country for the last 50 years. Gagen writes that personal ridicule would not be allowed online. What vacuum does he live in? Even pornography is allowed online.

Gagen also suggests that the BND censor letters with personal ridicule in them. As long as this newspaper is going to censor letters, perhaps it should also eliminate those sentences that are patently untrue. I think Gagen will then find some very large holes in his own missives.

I think that any censoring is unconstitutional and if Gagen can't stand the heat, maybe he should move to Russia not only for the weather but he might find their policies more conducive to his agenda.

Gagen ascribes personal ridicule to only conservatives. I guess he hasn't seen the number of times my name has appeared in liberal letters.

Leon Anderson


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