Strong choice for Madison County sheriff

March 14, 2014 

I have had the pleasure to work with Madison County sheriff candidate John Lakin while he held several key positions in law enforcement, first with the Madison County Probation Department, then during his 23 years with the Sheriff's Department and now as the Glen Carbon chief of police. I have found several attributes that stand out with John associated with his long career in law enforcement.

* Sincere

* Hardworking

* Efficient

* Respectful

* Integrity

* Family man

* Friend

The two of us also worked together on the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, where John commanded one of the hardest and most heartless crimes imaginable: the murder of a police officer. The 2009 murder investigation of Centreville Police Lt. Gregory Jonas led to the suspect being incarcerated for the next 53 years.

We in law enforcement see the need for a person of this caliber to head the Madison County Sheriff's Department, and I support Lakin for sheriff. The men and women of the Sheriff's Department deserve a change for the good. They deserve someone who has the attributes that spell out sheriff. They deserve to have Lakin as their leader, and I encourage the people of Madison County to vote for this man.

Major Jeff Connor

Assistant Chief

Granite City Police Department

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