Thanks to Waterloo Police

March 14, 2014 

This letter is to give a huge compliment and say thank you to the Waterloo Police Department.

After living in Waterloo 14 years, I had an incident at my house that was frightening. I called the police, who responded immediately. That in itself was very comforting. The officer found the vehicle in question almost immediately. And within about 30 minutes I received a call from the officer stating that all was OK. What a relief. What would we do without police protection?

I sometimes hear people (individuals as well as the news media) beating up on police officers. I have a relative who is an officer, and so I jump to their defense. I hear from my relative about the verbal abuse that people spout off at him. It is unthinkable that someone would talk to anyone in that manner, especially someone in authority who is doing their best to make sure we have a safe environment to live and raise our families in.

I, again, want to thank Chief Jim Trantham and the Waterloo Police as well as all officers who risk their lives daily to make sure we are safe. I appreciate all they do to protect us.

Marge Francois


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