Pope delivers wrong message

March 14, 2014 

Pope Francis is a humble servant of Christ -- but like the Apostle Peter, he made a comment that probably would have received a firm rebuke from our Lord.

I'm referring to the pope's unfortunate statement that Catholics focus too much on abortion.

The truth is, Catholics do not focus enough on this issue -- nor do they understand the gravity of this evil. If they did, half of the Catholics in the United States would not have voted for a pro-choice president. Nor would a Catholic politician vote in favor of legislation that denies life to the unborn.

Abortion is a grave crime against humanity, and the pope, bishops and priests are failing to convey the gravity of this sin. If every single homily at every Mass focused exclusively on the topic of abortion, it still wouldn't be enough until this legalized evil is eradicated from our country.

The message from the Vatican should be bold, blunt and unequivocally clear to Catholics: If one knowingly votes for a politician who supports abortion, that person should abstain from receiving Holy Communion until he repents. And Catholic politicians who vote for legislation that denies life to the unborn should be immediately excommunicated from the church.

The bottom line is, Catholics cannot be complicit in the destruction of human life in any way, shape or form. Until the Catholic Church summons the courage to proclaim this harsh message, the evil of abortion shall continue to proliferate.

John A. Mitan


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