Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

March 16, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 1300 Veile Drive; from Mark A. Muckenstrum; to German Osorio and Crystal Osorio; $63,000.

* 505 Abend St.; from Gregg Crawford; to Darren L. Reifschneider; $238,000.

* 511 S. Church St.; from William Janes and Michelle Janes; to Debbie Joseph; $27,000.

* 3308 Mill Springs Road; from Pearl E. Nicholson and Jean S. Nicholson; to Tyson Brewer and Rachel Brewer; $123,000.

* 3316 Dovershire Drive; from Jason Fedak; to Delisa N. Sonaram-Jones; $75,000.

* 2822 London Lane; from Joann Kettler and William L. Kettler; to Lonnie Chaney and Patricia Chaney; $166,000.

* 2935 Rentchler Road; from Robert Palmer and Guillerma Palmer; to Benjamin Scott and Kara Janiszak; $80,000.

* 2711 Autumn Harvest Lane; from Michael Ward and Deborah A. Ward; to Keith W. Bryer and Keri E. Bryer; $193,000.

* 4955 Old Collinsville Road; from Larry T. Goodman and Doris M. Goodman; to Russ Hogue and Gloria Hogue; $260,000.

* 13 Highwood Circle; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Jacqueline Harris; $60,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 405 Southgate Drive; from Marian Mueth, surviving joint tenant of Francies Mueth, Deceased; to Charles Jeffrey Boyd and Karen Boyd; $88,000.

* 519 S. 74th St.; from Joseph E. Geary Jr. and Karen A. Geary; to Tracy I. Lanes; $70,500.

* 6213 Town Hall Road; from Chaudhry O. Farooq and Lisa A. Farooq; to Paul D. Keck; $163,000.

* 3801 N. Park Drive; from Daniel T. Moriarty; to Robinson Realty LLC; $20,000.


* 17 Hissrich Road; from Stephen L. Cimarolli and Kathleen A. Cimarolli; to Eric Huff; $21,000.

* 832 Water St.; from Dustin T. Karaffa; to Orpha F. Moore and Nola S. Johnson; $75,000.

* 3607 Falling Springs Road; from Nassan Nurie; to Phillip A. Kernan Jr.; $15,000.

* 41 Dora Drive; from PHD Properties LLC; to Philip A. Kernan Jr.; $24,500.

* 1153 Halloran St.; from HD Investments LLC; to Philip A. Kernan Jr.; $27,000.


* 114 Southwood Trace; from Eric R. Byron, Estate, Lisa K. Wegert, Chris P. Byron, Wayne P. Byron, Sandra Byron; to Lisa Bronsema; $140,000.

* 506 Greenwood Place; from Margaret Fitzpatrick; to Christine M. Tartt; $76,000.

* 500 Highland Place; from Steve Collins Jr. and Rebecca Collins; to Jason Griffin and Elise Bigley; $140,000.


* 720 State St.; from Piney Ridge Properties; to Richard Meyers; $60,000.


* 5 Loisel Drive; from Ann Lockett; to Tucker Quality Homes LLC; $8,000.


* 51 Montclair Drive; from Daid A. Frame, Karen A. Onesky, heirs at law or legatees of Joanne Frame, Deceased; to James Knight; $77,000.

* 872 Harbor Woods Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois; to Katie Weber; $132,500.

* 35 Mark Drive; from Scott A. Jacob and Beth C. Jacob; to Steven R. Schafer; $60,000.


* 530 N. Hunter St.; from Prairie State Real Estate; to Terry L. Weil and Mary D. Weil; $27,500.


* 9727 Winchester St.; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Robert Sneed; $329,000.

* 1144 Beechcraft Blvd.; from Ran Neimerg; to National Residential Nominee Services; $164,000.


* 409 E. Laurel St.; from Erik J. Rieken and Caroline D. Fowler-Rieken; to Aaron R. Abeyta; $105,000.


* 927 Reiss Road; from Steven Maceda and Jennifer Maceda; to Gerber Lopez and Cecilia Lopez; $156,000.

* 116 E. Third St.; from Kevin B. Brooker and Mary Ellen Brooker; to Brittany Ottensmeier and Ryan Ottensmeier; $155,500.

* 1180 Hearthstone Drive; from Michael W. Sturm and Cynthia K. Sturm; to John Goldschmidt and Katherine Goldschmidt; $403,000.

* 917 Jenna Lee; from Victoria A. Monken; to Stephen Keller and Denise Keller; $133,500.

* 1432 Victoria Square Court; from Kappert Construction; to Rickey J. Oliver; $266,000.

* 205 Chamberlains Crossing; from William Witherspoon and Christy Witherspoon; to Ryan Marler and Laura Marler; $190,000.

* 217 Peoria Lane; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to David S. Wheeler and Angela D. Wheeler; $265,000.


* 1000 Grassland Court; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Kimberly A. Gillespie; $219,000.

* 3224 Hunters Way; from Rebecca Bollinger; to David L. Macon and David R. Macon; $190,000.


* 4811 Red Canyon Court; from Smithton Construction Inc.; to Thomas M. Springborn and Amanda B. Springborn; $216,000.


* 1015 Barteau Drive; from Homes By Design Inc.; to Kenneth Kettler and Rose Kettler; $378,000.



* 1922 Washington Ave.; from Tim Pascoal and Cristina A. Pascoal; to Jason A. Daniels; $74,500.

* 2718 Bryden Court; from Betty Campbell, Donald E. Campbell, Leon Davis; to Leonides R. Sanchez and Joanna M. Cook; $130,000.

* 214 Wisconsin Ave.; from Matthew W. Siemer; to Jayme L. Mayernik; $52,500.

* 4 E. Broadway; from Eric Konkol and Jennifer Konkol; to Ryan C. Schuler and Diana L. Schuler; $37,500.


* 1396 Alice St.; from Champion Mortgage Co.; to 1396 Alice Street Land Trust; $30,000.

* 6 Driftwood Lane; from Mark W. Fritsch; to Kacy E. Buckingham; $168,000.

* 1971 Lemontree Lane; from Derek S. Davis and Darla D. Davis; to Paul C. Schuerbaum; $175,000.

* 1020 California Ave.; from First Collinsville Bank; to Resource Construction Co. LLC; $110,000.


* 8760 N. State Route 159; from Nancy J. Lochmann, Mancy J. Lochmann Trust; to Gregory M. Witte and Renee L. Witte; $395,000.


* 207 McKinley Ave.; from Nathan A. White; to Andrew Wallace; $77,000.

* 1804 Butler Blvd.; from David D. Haefele and Pamela S. Haefele; to Robert B. Baker Jr. and Christina L. Baker; $235,000.

* 505 Plum St.; from Michael Hildebrand and Adria Hildebrand; to Devin J. Brown and Hannah R. Brummett; $43,500.


* 256 Sherwood Drive; from Michael P. Richards and Elisabeth A. Richards; to Hussain Shahbaz and Lisa M. Shahbaz; $190,000.

* 38 Autumn Glen Drive; from Gladys M. King and Wayne L. King Sr.; to Jacob A. Bonebrake; $182,000.


* 2904 W. Delmar Ave.; from E P Godfrey Inc.; Godrey Fuel LLC; $810,000.

* 1918 W. Delmar; from Parsons Oil Co. LLC; to Eppels Property LLC; $250,000.


* 2816 Sunset; from James Andrews Jr. and Thomas M. Andrews; to Kimberly D. Sloss and Daniel D. Greene III; $80,000.

* 2561 Cleveland Blvd.; from Ray L. Romine III and Margaret A. Romine; to Terry M. Epperson and Joy A. Epperson; $99,000.

* 2437 Edison Ave.; from Gail Hainaut; to Andrew S. Mell and Jennifer A. Mell; $70,000.

* 1752 Venice Ave.; from Wice Choice Properties Inc.; to Glenwood R. Cornelison and Connie Cornelison; $90,000.

* 4145 State Route 111; from Steven Simpson and Myrna Simpson; to Delgados Properties LLC; $50,000.

* 2837 Ohio Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Daniel J. Warren and Julie S. Warren; $25,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 2930 Candytuft Drive; from Jeffrey Rehberger and Letizia Lowe; to Melanie M. Morris Riggio; $138,000.

* 813 12th St.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Kerry Wells; $79,000.

* 12526 Autumn Lane; from Eric Joshua Gubera and Trista J. Gubera; to Clint Evans and Jessica Evans; $208,000.


* 2081 Briarbend Court; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Cynthia Huppert; $180,000.


* 12905 State Route 140; from Chris Inman and Shannon Inman; to Illinois Motorheads Inc.; $43,000.


* 8 Deer Run St.; from Randall W. Thompson and Janis L. Thompson; to Kevin J. Thole and Julie M. Thole; $248,000.


* 909 Ohio Ave.; from Gregory G. Pope; to Paul L. Crayne; $54,000.


* 1069 Troy O'Fallon Road; from Delores I. Huckaby and Marsha L. England; to Craig S. Monk; $130,000.


* 149 Hickory St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Keith Bomkamp and Carolyn Bomkamp; $38,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 740 George St.; from Michael A. Sholar; to Joshua G. Carroll; $30,000.



* 436 Micahs Way; from Jennifer Jacknewitz, Jennifer Jacknewitz-Podhrasky and William J. Podhrasky II; to Amy L. McQuiggan and Samuel J. McQuiggan; $238,000.

* 16 Ritter Road; from Tina M. Clasquin and Todd A. Clasquin; to Carla S. Edwards and Jsopeh A. Edwards; $182,000.

* 532 Michelle Drive; from Carla S. Edwards and Joseph A. Edwards; to Erich A. Wilson and Lindsay E. Wilson; $221,000.

* 327 Brellinger St.; from Dennis R. Brand, Trustee, Brellinger Trust; to Crystal R. Schlegel and Timothy C. Schlegel; $137,000.

* 7 Fieldcrest Drive; from Diane E. Davis-Stein; to Janice A. Kayser; $175,000.


* 40547 Mehring Lane; from Cynthia J. Schilling and Kevin D. Schilling; to Jill M. Gross and Samuel C. Gross; $103,500.


* 320 W. Woodland Ridge; from Fannie Mae; to Doris Shaver and Edwin Shaver; $169,500.


* 713 & 715 Mrney Lane; from Gail A. Kohlmeier; to Linda A. Drew and Raymond C. Drew; $215,000.

* 428 Glendell Lane; from Joann M. Meier and Richard L. Meier, Deceased; to James J. Hopkins; $140,000.

* 1336 Cody Drive; from Larry J. Tenholder and Sharon Tenholder; to Chad E. Buescher; $144,000.

* 408 N. Library St.; from Edna M. Mueller and Thomas E. Paulter, Trust; to Michelle R. Lloyd and joel R. Vogt; $130,000.

* 8102 Bluebell Lane; from Amy M. Cleveland and Michael D. Cleveland; to Jason A. Glaenzer and Stacey L. Glaenzer; $120,000.

* 1608 New Bruswick Drive; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Michael P. Keefe; $250,000.

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