Asbestos cases on the rise

March 16, 2014 

The numbers are in and once again, Madison County has set a record for asbestos case filings. There were 1,678 asbestos lawsuits filed in Madison County last year, eclipsing the record-setting number in 2012 by more than 100.

The number of asbestos lawsuits filed each year is one reason why Madison and St. Clair counties were named the fifth-worst "judicial hellholes" in the country. Nearly a quarter of the nation's asbestos litigation is filed in Madison County.

If Madison County is going to shed its reputation as a magnet for lawsuit abuse, the county can no longer be a destination docket for lawsuit tourists. The law firm with the most asbestos case filings in 2013 was from New York.

One way citizens can get involved in the fight for reform is to do their homework and pay closer attention to the down ballot judicial elections.

Good judges do matter. As citizens, it is our responsibility to do our part by electing judges who will make impartial decisions based on fair consideration of the facts and law, and who won't bow to political or economic pressure. We urge metro-east voters to consider all of the facts when they go to the polls and cast their votes in these important judicial elections.

Travis Akin

Executive Director Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch Marion

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