Don't skip this vital election

March 16, 2014 

It was 9 a.m. and I was at Mascoutah Precinct 2, located at City Hall. There were three precinct volunteers at their working stations, just waiting for voters to come in and vote. Nearby were four lonely voting booths on the north wall. The room was still; not a creature to be found, not even a mouse.

Three hours passed and only 29 people had found their way, yet it was a beautiful day -- no rain, only light wind and sunshine. What could it be that kept them away?

The sun began to fall, the horizon now so near, yet some people still hadn't found their way. What can it be that kept them away? They had a chance to have their say yet they threw it away.

On Tuesday people will have a chance to redeem themselves; don't throw it away. Change will only come if they find their way.

James E. Saffel Sr.


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