Advice for Whiteside appointee

March 16, 2014 

I just heard that Kelly West has resigned from the Whiteside School Board and will be replaced with an individual who will complete the next 13 months of her four-year term before the person will be required to run for election in 2015.

I do not know the reasons given by West for her resignation, but it was known at the time of last year's election that she had no intention of completing her term. It was cynical of her to run for the position if she was not committed enough to complete a job to which she was elected.

I can only hope that the new board member, appointed by the board and not the taxpayers, will take seriously the duties and responsibilities to the taxpayers of the district. The Whiteside School District is facing severe financial difficulties, which is currently being ignored by other members of the board. They are blindly following the lead of the superintendent, who is leading them to financial ruin.

It will take a strong individual to take on not only the administration but also the other members of the board to set the district on a different path toward financial stability.

Louis J. Netemeyer


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