What our founders wanted

March 16, 2014 

The Belleville News-Democrat editorial Feb. 18 showed the paper's liberal bias in an amazingly bold manner -- quite similar to the wild machinations of the ACLU and its unashamedly ignorant opinions -- revealing a blind incompetence in understanding our constitutional principles regarding religious freedom.

Most American citizens, having been educated to read and comprehend the English language, are able, with even the most elementary research and comprehension, to understand our forefathers' desire to clearly prohibit a governmental authority forcing establishment of religious determination for the citizenry as was required by England. Instead, free choice, as the most basic individual foundational principle of not mandatory but exclusively individual choice, was clearly prescribed.

As was predominantly the overwhelmingly accepted choice at that time (as continues to be now) that individual choice was acceptance of Jesus Christ and the biblical principles of Christianity -- a fact which the ACLU and similar anti-Christian radicals fail to acknowledge and foolishly use as they knowingly pronounce their attack upon loving and caring for others in prayerful supplication to ultimate authority.

James R. Andrews


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