Integrity is still missing

March 17, 2014 

I thought surely my letter Feb. 8 in regard to honor, integrity and the lack thereof on the behalf of members our military would have at least gotten some attention.

Sadly, I wonder whether anyone is listening. After recently hearing the story and then viewing the photograph of National Guard troops, in uniform, taking their group selfie, posing in front of a flag-draped coffin, with the words, "We put the fun in funeral," I became ill.

On the news I heard about a soldier at Fort Carson in Colorado who put her selfie on her social media page. She hid in her car to avoid the saluting of the flag. She was mighty proud to brag about it, too, all the while wearing her uniform.

Both of these recent incidents not only included troops in uniform, conducting themselves in offensive and objectionable behavior, but also the desecration of the American flag. If these individuals desecrate the flag, would they truly fight for it? Where are their core values, their honor, their integrity?

I reached out to U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, of Missouri. I read she is still wrangling with Congress on passing new laws pertaining to sexual assaults in the military and how those cases are handled by the chain of command. I also reached out to U.S. Rep Peter King, of New York. Crickets, that's the only sound I've heard.

As to date, I am still waiting and wondering why a family member, on active duty, continues to hold his position in military intel at Goodfellow Air Force Base after posting his own selfie in uniform, using an alias and participating in some very questionable behavior.

Hello! Is anyone out there?

Corinne Stone


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