Challenge is good leadership

March 17, 2014 

The article "DCFS challenges" (BND March 9, page A3) is mislabeled. State Sen. Julie Morrison offers yet another smoke screen on the issue: "It's hard to get traction when you don't have anybody ... leading this."

The senator is so right and so wrong. The very lives and welfare of children should lead here, that should give plenty of traction.

A director for the care of children needs to be someone who has been in the trenches, seen the bruised and bloodied body of a child on a callout at midnight. Instead we get uncredentialed fat-cat cronies, or even cronies with credentials, who care more about their appointment than they do about kids.

The challenge for the legislature is to seek and scrutinize candidates who do not come as party apparatchiks. The senator needs to take some responsibility. She should stop caving in, stop affirming the governor's designates.

Richard Wagner


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